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At Uy qué lindo! we are excited to help you bring your ideas to life and for that nothing better than our personalized polymer clay cutters. Here you have a simple guide to order your own "a la carte" cutter:

  • Step 1: Initial Design and purchase order

    Provide a reference image of your design. It can be a drawing, an illustration, or even a photograph. Then attach it to the form and choose the maximum size. Is it an outline cutter, or does it have a pattern? Do you need it all in one piece or stamped separately from the outline? This is especially effective if you are going to work on other clays or different thicknesses. Remember that our stamped cutters are designed for 3/4 mm thickness.
    If the realization is possible (depending on the size of the details) we will send you a quote to the email account you have entered and if we agree, we will create a purchase order with the description of the product and its cost. Then you will be able to add this product to the cart and make the payment before starting the work.

  • Step 2: 2D File Creation

    We will transform your image into a 2D file. This is where you define the shape of the cutter.

  • Step 3: Approval

    We will send you an image of the 2D design for your review and approval. You can suggest modifications if necessary.

  • Step 4: 3D File Generation

    Once we have your approval, we will convert the 2D design into a 3D file, which is the three-dimensional representation of your cutter.

  • Step 5: Test Print

    We will print a test copy of your cutter to verify its functionality and accuracy. This ensures that your cutter works perfectly.

  • Step 6: Your Opinion Counts

    We will send you an image of the cutting test for you to review and confirm that it meets your expectations.

  • Step 7: Production and Shipping

    Once you give us your approval, we will proceed with the production of your custom cutter and ship it to the address of your choice. Remember that we can include additional copies if you need them.

You're done! In just a few simple steps, you can get your hands on a personalized cutter that reflects your creativity. Ready to get started? Please complete the form below.

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