Custom Carabiner Hook

Custom Carabiner Hook


Our personalized carabiner hook is made in 3D printing and has a snap closure. It is flexible and resistant, ideal for grouping your cutters, organizing wires, tapes, stencils and much more.

  • Measure 75x50mm

You can customize it with the URL of your shop! Check the available colors before making your purchase.


Custom Carabiner Hook

Carabiner hook with snap closure. Flexible and strong, ideal for grouping your cutters or organizing wires, tape, stencils and much more.

  • Measure 75x50mm

You can customize it with the URL of your shop!
Colors subject to availability: White, Satin beige, Yellow, Turquoise, Green, Black

• PRODUCTION TIME: 2 business days.

💗 Each hook is made exclusively for you

🥪 You can request a special measurement of the same model by adding the INDIVIDUAL CUSTOM SIZE to your shopping cart and entering the measurement in millimeters in the field below the dropdown menu.

Custom Carabiner Hook

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Custom cutters

Custom size

+ When available, you can purchase the same design of the listing in a custom size.
+ As a reference, you can ask for measurements from 20 mm in some cases, 30 mm in others. This has to do with the complexity of the cutter and its design.
+ As a reference, you must consider the maximum length of the cutter as MEASUREMENT (which we usually publish in the model detail in the product description)

Guide yourself with the following detail:

Available measures:
05-04 PEZ50 / 50mm
Where 50mm is the maximum length of the CUT (not the cutter)

Custom design

If instead what you need is a fully custom cutter, we will need to know the design and measurements to be able to check that your project is possible and send you a quote. If you decide to purchase, we'll create a custom order and pay to your liking through our site. Send a WhatsApp message before buying. We do not reproduce products from other sellers, nor do we sell our files for reproduction.

Shipping and free shipping

Shipments are made through Correos de España. If your shipment exceeds 50 eu, the amount is free.
We will inform you of the tracking number at the time of dispatch.


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