Uy qué lindo! As the person in charge of the treatment of personal data of the site, through this Data Privacy Policy, it informs the Users of the scope of the integral protection of their personal data established in the files; records; banks or databases; or other technical means of data processing implemented by Uy qué lindo!, ensuring respect for the right to privacy of people, as well as free access to information that may eventually be recorded about them. Oops, how cute!, considers that any type of information related to a User is personal information, and therefore ensures its privacy and confidentiality at all times. The confidentiality of the information related to the Users will imply its maintenance in secure files and/or banks or databases, in such a way that access by third parties that are not authorized for this purpose is restricted. For questions about this Policy or any circumstance related to the treatment of personal information, Users may be contacted through the following means of contact: E-mail: contacto@uyquelindo.com

Voluntary delivery of data.
This Policy is intended to inform users about the processing of personal data carried out by Uy qué lindo!, with the purpose that they freely and voluntarily determine the delivery or not of their personal data when they are required or when they can be obtained. from the use of any of the services available on the site.
As a general rule, when personal data is requested to use a service or access certain content, its delivery is not mandatory, with the exception of those cases where it is specifically indicated that it is required data for the provision of the service or access. to content.
Authorization of use of personal information
The user who provides their personal data expressly authorizes Uy qué lindo! for the use of the data provided for the purposes set forth herein. This also implies the acceptance of all the terms contained in this Policy, and in the General Terms and Conditions.
Information Collection and Use
The collection and processing of personal data is for the purpose of providing, managing, administering, personalizing, updating and improving the services and content made available to users by Uy qué lindo!

Site Communications
Occasionally the data may be used to send communications to Users, in relation to the services and content provided by Uy qué lindo! and/or its commercial partners, such as newsletter and/or surveys, and/or promotions, and/or commercial information, among others. When a User prefers not to be contacted for these purposes, they may:
• a) Communicate with Oops how nice! according to the contact information provided here, and request that information about products and services not be sent to you.
• b) Enter your own user account "My Account" (using email and password) and modify the option to receive notifications by email.
• c) Execute the instructions to that effect included in the emails sent by Uy que lindo!
Finally, messages related to the status or changes related to the products or services of Uy qué lindo! whenever this is necessary. For example, if our service is temporarily interrupted for maintenance.

Non-transferability of data
All personal data collected from Users is for the exclusive use of Uy qué lindo! Whenever personal information is collected as part of the direct relationship with a User, in respect of the privacy and confidentiality of the Users, Oops, how nice! will not assign or transfer that personal information to any third party that is not part of Uy qué lindo! or their associates. The personal information of the Users will only be shared with third parties, in the following cases:
• a) When there is a legal obligation to do so.
• b) When there is an order issued by a competent Court of Justice.
• c) When necessary for the investigation of a crime.

Surveys or Contests
Sporadically Oops how cute! offers its Users the opportunity to participate in sweepstakes and contests. As a requirement for participation, additional data from Users may be required. Participation in these events is entirely voluntary, and the information required typically includes contact information and demographic information, in order to enable notification of winners and delivery of prizes.

Rights of data owners
In turn, and as a consequence of the guarantee of the protected rights, it is also expressed as a purpose, that of allowing access to the information at all times by the people linked to the registered data. In this way, the User may exercise the rights of access, rectification or cancellation of data and opposition, which will be mentioned later.
The exercise of said rights may be made effective by each user through communication addressed to Uy qué lindo!, according to the contact information provided here.
Once the data has been entered by the users, Oops, how cute!, will proceed to rectify, delete or update the personal data of the affected party, when appropriate.
The deletion of any data will not proceed when it could cause damage to the rights or legitimate interests of third parties, or when there is a legal obligation to preserve the data.
The right to demand the rectification of the data: In principle, the right to demand the rectification can be exercised in the event of falsehood, inaccuracy, imprecision or erroneous nature of the data. Its recognition implies the preservation of the veracity of the information, a condition that affects its quality.
The right to request the update of the data: The update is based on preserving the validity of the data, that is, the correspondence of the fraction of information that it represents with the temporal scope in which it is provided The rights to addition and dissociation: The users They may require that information be added to the registered data, when they are considered incomplete in such a way that they do not reflect the realities they represent. In a similar sense, they may also demand the dissociation of data whose qualities or characteristics only allow their treatment without the possibility of establishing associations or links with the owners of the data. The rights to deletion and submission to confidentiality: The "deletion" of a piece of data implies its definitive elimination from the file or registry, that is, its complete disappearance, with no record of its previous registration being left.

About Cookies
Eventually the site may use cookies, which will be installed on the user's computer when he browses the site. Their purpose is to make it easier for the user to navigate through the site, and to provide Uy qué lindo! with information that will help them improve their services and content. In no case will the cookies used by the site provide information of a personal nature to the user, who in relation to them will maintain full anonymity, even against Uy qué lindo!, since they do not provide information tending to the individualization of the user either. It is the intention of Oops how cute! highlight that to navigate the site, it is not necessary for the user to allow the installation of cookies sent by the site. This may only be required in relation to certain services and/or content. The Site may include anonymous cookies placed by third parties (technology providers) in the browser used by visitors. In accordance with the provisions of the data protection regulations, Oops, how cute! You will have the right to access, rectify and cancel the personal data collected for the sole purpose of providing the service.

We use appropriate security methods
In oh how cute! security is important. That's nice! adopts all logical and physical security measures required by regulations, and those that result from adequate prudence and diligence in the protection of Users who have placed their trust in Uy qué lindo!, to protect the personal information collected against access unauthorized use, alteration or destruction. That's nice! evaluates and improves its security systems whenever necessary.

Changes to this Policy
In the event of changes to this Policy, we will post those changes in this section, the Site's home page, and other places deemed appropriate to notify Users of the changes. That's nice! reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time, for which purpose Users must become aware of it on a regular basis, resorting to reading it no less than once a week.

What happens to your Personal Information when you close your account?
In the event that a User decides to close their account, our Privacy Policy will continue to apply to that User. All your personal information will be marked as unavailable or deleted. The assumption of being marked as unavailable, is intended to preserve the information solely and exclusively for the purpose of resolving any dispute or subsequent litigation.