Trends in accessories 2023

Trends in accessories 2023

LJewelry has always been a key accessory to complement any look and in the year 2023 with the constantly evolving world of fashion, it will not be the exception.
Trends this year include bright, vivid colors taking center stage, with accessory shapes and sizes ranging from minimal to highly elaborate, oversized to dramatic shapes. But how to combine these accessories to create a casual, elegant or everyday look?

Chokers and maxi earrings are the most popular. In addition, statement rings and bracelets with unique textures and patterns are also a major trend.

For a casual look, a large choker can be paired with understated earrings and a simply textured bracelet. For an elegant look, opt for a statement ring with a maxi earring and an intricately detailed bracelet. And for an everyday look, combine a pair of maxi earrings with a simple bracelet and subtle ring. And if earrings are your specialty, don't forget that today the little ones are combined in number of piercings with hoops, in colors and versions from funky to the most minimalist.

It's time to experiment with bright colors, striking shapes and sizes, and unique textures for a bold custom look!
Also, in today's jewelry, versatility is key. But, what if you want accessible, low cost and comfortable jewelry? Polymer clay is your answer!

Low cost accessory projects

Following these trends, it is also possible to develop affordable and comfortable accessory projects with polymer clay. This material offers a wide range of colors of infinite combinations and ATTENTION, because fashion is not only "what is worn" but through these color combinations, you can make your "author statement" choosing the palettes that fit your brand and generating its own version including the ranges of those trends. That is, if purple is what is used, you will give a version of purple related to your artist imprint.

With this light and versatile material and using the right tools, it is possible to expand this project towards markets focused on sustainability, where there is an interest in novelty, handmade products with a personal stamp. Jewelry made by hand with polymer clay has the same seal of authenticity and quality as other author's jewelry. It is important to emphasize this so that you can professionalize your brand.

Your personal seal as a professional brand

Good materials to facilitate your work

When we started at UY, we used the same criteria as everyone else "learning by doing", that is, seeing how other makers through experience were introducing new features to the production channel. So we find ourselves with the same difficulties as everyone, perhaps with other additions in our favor such as the design and development of projects. In any case, we take as a premise to simplify the processes and obtain innovative results.
For this reason we developed our own cutters and decided to make them available to all those who want to embark on the same path.
So the question is: Are you going to repeat what others do? Are you going to develop your own brand? Will you make classic pieces or will you alter the symmetry and volume looking for a particular client?

Invest in your image

In the coming months, accompanying the novelties in tools, we will incorporate:

  1. Transfer papers on polymer clay with unique designs.
  2. Texturizers with floral, geometric, organic patterns, following our current lines.
  3. Graphics and designs that turn an essential part of your experience as a brand, packaging, into something interesting and memorable for your customers: thank you cards, stickers, special boxes and more.
Pay attention that soon we will be uploading the news and communicating through social networks.
Good creations and good sales!