Our cutters have been made with premium materials and are reviewed and optimized for use. However some intricate designs require tricks to facilitate optimal printing and cutting:

  • Corn or rice flour: Sprinkle a small amount of corn or rice flour over the clay dough and along the edges of the cutter before using it. This reduces friction and prevents the cutter from sticking to the surface of the clay.
  • Even pressure roller: Use a roller of adequate thickness to ensure even pressure on the cutter. By applying even pressure, it prevents the cutter from binding and results in cleaner, more precise cuts.
  • 3-stage cut: Performs the cut in three stages. First, score the outline of the cutter on the dough without pressing too hard. Then, apply moderate pressure to stamp the cutter details. Finally, completely cut through the piece using firm pressure. This method helps prevent cutter sticking and allows details to show up properly.