Special tools for Ceramists and Modelers

Discover innovation in each creation with our 3D printed tools, designed especially for passionate ceramists and modellers. This technology allows us to take customization to a new level, modifying and improving the functions of traditional tools.. With this unique capability, we offer the possibility of creating innovative and more efficient designs, adapted to the specific needs of your work as an artist.
We provide our designs and those of our clients with better usability by considering the different characteristics of the ceramic, metal clay, air-drying clay, cold porcelain or flexible clays, where each of these materials offers different textures and singularities in their use.

What we offer? Our existing cutting and stamping products in more versatile versions, a catalog of specific products to facilitate your tasks, and personalized options for whatever you have in mind. In “Wow, how cute!” We are committed to providing you with tools that enhance your creativity and simplify your artistic process.

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Cutter + Stamper

Two steps for optimal results

Our models converted to two pieces for all materials and thicknesses: cutter and stamp separately.
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Stamp systems

Decorative bands, modules and monograms

Coming soon to our store!

  • Decorative bands

  • Modules

  • Monograms

  • Pre-designed logos

We design and print the tools you need for a particular project.